A Roaming Program that "Sees" the Room

A simple but nifty NXT-G program that scans the room for the "open road", then heads in that direction. (Thanks to "ro1000" for posting this on Nxtlog).

Download ithere.


Anonymous said…
Should there be a rating that you can give other robots? (Like YouTube etc.) This would make it easier to scan through and see some top quality stuff.
What I wish is that more of us would consider uploading building instructions. I'm as guilty as the next person and trying to change that... I'll be providing building steps for all my future bots shared via NXTLOG.

Rick Rhodes said…

A rating of robots would be subjective. (One person's "wow" is another person's "stinker").

However, you bring up an excellent point that Nxtlog is a "kitchen sink" without classification.

It would help if the robots were grouped into "humanoids", "vehicles", "Animals" and the like. (Lego, are you listening)?

I agree with Jim about the building instructions. I admire the finished models that people post, but I want to learn how to BUILD them!
jeff said…
Is there a possibility to make a program that scans the room (with a touch sensor and a ultrasonic) and then makes a map of the room so it can pass right through the room?


Anonymous said…
I like the idea of classification on NXTlog. Right now all they have is "popular tags"...some of the tags don't even have entries under them! How can they be popular:-)
I imagine that scanning and "mapping" a room will involve heavy use of variables and a healthy dose of arrays (Brian D. posted a while back about arrays, but can't seem to locate it).

A robot that can remember its surroundings is a great project - let us know if you decide to pursue it. Email me if you want to discuss.

jeff said…
Im sorry, but i do not own NXT yet, i am saving up money... Only need a adittional 60 euro's. (im 13... :) )
I will let you know when i have it.


Anonymous said…
Glad to know building instructions will be in the future. Will there also be programming ideas?
What do you mean by programming ideas?
Eric D. Burdo said…
I think it would be programming challenges, not so much ideas.

Like room mapping, storing data, multi-nxt communications, etc.

And maybe a repository for blocks of code.

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