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NXT Tank

Moving Crates

Over on, someone has posted the steps for a new bot - find step 1 here.


Brian Davis said…
The NXT Tank is by Joe Meno, the main organizer for BrickFest this year. The nice thin gs about this design is it uses just two (currently availible) sets in addition to the NXT kit; the range is about 2.5 feet, and he's working in improving the design :-).

the crate-carrying NXTbot is from the SMART "Brickheap" event recently held. More information in a thread on LUGNET:

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Yeah, it's me,

and I have a really simple program for it set up - will have video up in a day or so.

Am also trying to minimize extra set use on the model - I used the Viking Mobile Artillery set and the EXO-Force Mobile Defense Tank for the gun and tracks, respectively. There have been some design enhancements already, mostly cosmetic.

Converting to a wheel drive will eliminate the Mobile Defence tank, and thinking about revising the gun to just NXT parts.

Thanks for noticing me:-)

Joe Meno
Joe, Nice stuff!

I also purchased the #7706 Mobile Defense Tank...for the treads and Orange-ness...

I have created some interesting compare points and a set review with the RIS treads and NXT elements. I will be posting the info this week. Some neat things about weight...!

JT said…
That crate bot was realy amazing. It seemed pretty complex. You could put it to some real good use with it's abillaty, although it did hit a few snags.
Brian Davis said…
Gus Janssen (the person responsible for that "forklift") and his friemnds out in Seattle have done some amazing stuff. Take a look at their Cooperative Crate Contraption:

Note specificly the dumping forklift. It will be very interesting seeing what we can do with the significantly larger sensor suite of the NXT on projects like this, not to mention BT "cooperation" on large set-ups. I've got lots of ideas (more than time, at the moment).

Brian Davis

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