Update to Visual Lego

Bram Fokke emailed to let us know that Visual Lego 0.2 is available for download. Some new features have been added such as support for the Ultrasonic sensor.

Check it out here.


Anonymous said…
Whereas the tools look nice, I'm a bit worried about how many disregards of LEGO's fair use policy the site presents.

Seeing the recent boom of NXT-related sites, I think it'd be a good time to remind everyone of the few guidelines LEGO has put forth on how to best respect its trademarks and values.

It's not a big deal of an effort, and should help LEGO in the long run. And in any case, if one's going to be forced to go through the hassle of renaming one's software so that the name LEGO doesn't appear in it... better do it to start with.

For those interested, please read LEGO's fair play guidelines

I think LEGO can be quite tolerant regarding some points (like, not putting the (R) trademark thingy), but there are things which are definitely a no-no, like:

- using the name "lego" in one's own unendorsed-by-lego site/software/etc.
- using LEGO's own logo
- using the name "lego" in one's site hostname

Anyway, I apologize if this sounds very annoying and finger-pointing and whatnot... I just wouldn't like to see anyone having trouble because of this. Wouldn't be the first one (think LegOS, or Lego Wars, or whatever).

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