Website that lists the angles and other dimensions of the NXT parts?

Hi all,

a reader brought up the question where to find information in the web about angles and dimensions of NXT parts.

Does anybody know about a site that lists these things?

Peeron doesn't, does it?



Anonymous said…
This page has some info most people don't know...

Anonymous said…
BrickLink does a reasonable job at cataloging dimensions. They have recently added NXT parts.
Anonymous said…
I belive CMU put up ProE models of all the NXT parts, it should be quite easy to dimension these and throw drawings up if anyone is really intrested. I'll do it tonight if have some time.
Anonymous said…
One of the best sites for this information I have come across is

Look under Technica and then Element List by Class.

I have used it as a reference for a long time but unfortunately it hasn't been updated for a couple of years.

There is a lot of other interesting information on this site as well.
Anonymous said…
I put up some drawings that have the exact dimensions of the various NXT LEGOs over at for those taht are intrested.

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