Announcement for another NXT book

Hi all,

now that the contract has been signed and the first drafts have been accepted, I'm pleased to announce that another book on the NXT will come into being, written by me.

The book is targeted to be released by Apress in next spring and deals on app. 300 pages with six advanced robots that are connected by a particular topic. Each of them will be programmed with five or six of the most popular NXT programming platforms that are available on the market presently.

These activities of mine might account for the apparent abstinence on my NXT related web site, on the blogs and on the different forums - writing a book first of all is a lot of work!

Matthias Paul


rb95403 said…
Congratulations on your book!
Congratulations, Matthias... looking forward to seeing your designs.

Tony Naggs said…
Hi Matthias

Congratulations from me too.

It is very coy of you not to mention that it will be in English! I shall be looking for it in the spring. :-)

There is one obvious question to ask, will the book be published in German too?

Tony N
Unknown said…

oops! Indeed I didn't mention that it will be written in English! Well, apparently using this language has become so usual to me that I just took it for obvious. ;-)

As a matter of fact, I don't no of any plans for a German-speaking relase. In the caseof it becoming a tremendous success Apress may be considering this.

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