Call for Beta Testers

I received an email from Lou with RoboDNA:

"I've been working on a free PC based Dashboard for the new Lego NXT robots, and was wondering if you could test it. We got a couple dozen Lego NXT robots for the kids, and we'll be using it for the classroom in a couple of weeks (Ottawa Carleton Catholic Schoolboard). We just want to have as many bugs out of the way before they start the curriculum. It's free, and you would just let us know if you find a bug, or want something improved."

If you thinky you can try the app out and give Lou some feedback, I'm sure he would appreciate it. I'm going to install and play around with it over this next week and see what it can do... if any readers find an interesting use for it (personal, education, or otherwise), let me know and I'll share it with the other readers...



rb95403 said…
Bad luck -- I use OnBrick and Mindstorms via bluetooth but could not connect.
Anonymous said…
I initially had some trouble getting the NXT to connect over bluetooth. This was resolved by installing the bluetooth drivers provided with my dongle instead of using the default Microsoft drivers.

I had previously been able to connect to OnBrick and NXT-G with the Microsoft bluetooth drivers. The Microsoft drivers are a little flakey under .NET 2.0.

Once connected roboDNA is very cool. I was able to intuitively control my standard B/C motor robot with the computer joystick. Feedback from the motors and sensors are displayed on the dashboard.

Thanks to Lou for his great work.

Anonymous said…
I had a bit of trouble with my Bluetooth, but nothing directly related to roboDNA.

I found the controls a bit sluggish (but Lou is working on that, and already knows about it). I think the full dashboard will be really nice. You can customize what sensors and motors you want to see, and move them around and such.

roboDNA detected my MadCatz XBox 360 USB joystick right away and that worked great.
Lou (over at RoboDNA) is working on updates and posting them about 2 times a weeks. He has produced some very cool additional gauges including those for the Compass and accelerometer sensors. Keep your eye on The NXT STEP Blog for a complete update of RoboDNA information soon.

Anonymous said…

Thanks for the feedback on the application. If anyone has had problems, send me an email and I'll help you get driving.

I've recently made some improvements to support all regional settings, as well as scaling for different DPI displays.

The joystick motor control is a bit sluggish, but you can use the 'minimal' auto-command to increase the response time. ( see user guide for explanation on latency ) I'll be posting a custom firmware which will really speed things up.

Thanks again for trying it out

Anonymous said…
I'm not sure if this blog is still active, but I was attempting to use the Robodna program and ran into a bit of a glitch. I was able to connect the NXT to the pc via blutooth, as the icon turned green. The joystick was also connected correctly, as I was able to control the gauges with it. When I went to use the autocommand function, the program quickly switched it on and then off. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

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