Compass Sensor Block released

HiTechnic has now released its custom block for the Compass Sensor. Download it and check it out here.


Nice, a drawing for HiTechnic products when you download it... :-)

Yep... free stuff is always good! I just used one of the REALLY long HiTechnic cables and it made all the difference in how the bot worked.

Jim,... Compass Sensor-wise?

Yes, I mounted the compass far away from the main body of Sneeker... ran some tests on it just to make certain it wasn't getting any weird results from the motor and camera. Then I moved it closer to the body and compared... no major changes as long as I keep the Compass about 7 inches or so away from any motor.
Brian Davis said…
Jim - did you try to calibrate the compass sensor? I think the calibration ability is accessible now...
1) signal compass sensor to enter calibration mode
2) turn robot completely around 1 or more times
3) do a regular reading from the sensor (to trip it out of calibration mode)

Brian Davis (who hasn't actually tried that yet himself)
Anonymous said…
hi all..i have some problems with my nxt compass sensor..well i tried to connect it on my nxt and it gets this weird shows to me ?253? wat is this? can anyone tell me where to find some sample programs to check if it is ok?
ty very much,

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