Dean Kamen on Colbert Report

While watching Stephen Colbert tonight I was delighted to see Dean Kamen on ( inventor of the Segway Human Transporter and founder of FIRST ).

He talked a little about the FIRST organization and mentioned its popular mantra: "gracious professionalism"

David Levy
VA FLL Coach Team 1936.


Brian Davis said…
Thanks for the heads-up; I'm going to tape the morning rebroadcast to watch it. I was lucky enough to listen to Dean Kamen (also known to me as "Steve's friend Dean Kamen"... let's just say he was *very* happy to finally meat Dean :-) at NI Week 2006, and it was a wonderful talk (well polished, but also with great content). It will be interesting to see what happens in Colbert.

Brian Davis
I was hoping to get to meet and shake his hand at FLL this past year, but once I got there I knew that would never happen... just too many people and his schedule is fairly complicated...

Anonymous said…
Maybe I can introduce you to him next time... :)

How about you just check and see if we can have a LEGO gathering at his ranch house ;)

Here are the video links (2 parts w/ Dean Kamen)...

Funny Stuff!...Stephan's fear of Robot technology. I saw that Terminator Documentary! I think I'm going to melt my NXT before it's too late.


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