Don't wait too late...

Todd alerted me to this article - although it doesn't mention NXT specifically, if you're thinking you are going to buy one (or more) for Christmas, you might want to get to it soon.


Tony Naggs said…
According to this article the Lego shortage is in Scandinavia only -

Anonymous said…
Yeah: Lego has released a statement with regards to an error in the interpretation in this article:

"The media reports of a LEGO shortage this holiday season stem from an interview given in Denmark with regard to a supply issue in Scandinavia, but remarks were misconstrued to represent a global issue. We are not experiencing a shortage of LEGO sets in the U.S. or Canada this holiday season. All of our key retailers are well stocked with what we believe will be the most popular LEGO sets, and have indicated they too are satisfied with their stock. It’s always best to get out early to be sure you get what you’re hoping to find."

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