Education NXT In Stock

For those of you waiting for it, the Education NXT base set has recently been taken off back order, and is in stock! You can see it here.

One request - don't buy 'em out before I can get mine! ;-)



rb95403 said…
The linked page still states:
"This product is currently on backorder."
but the checkout page says
"In Stock."
Interesting, I didn't see that text at the bottom. However, if you look at the "availability" status on the linked page, it says, "in stock".

My thoughts are that, if they took the time to change it to say "in stock", it probably is, even if they forgot to change the other text.

Andy said…
Haha! I ordered mine for a couple weeks ago and it shipped two days after I ordered it and my granny got it six days after i ordered it, even when it said that it was out of stock and on backorder!!
The reason I ordered it to my granny was because I live in Norway and she is coming to visit us this Christmas, and she comes at December 20`th!! I also ordered one retail version and a Recsource set (the newest one, the one with supplemental (<--??) parts for the retail set (the Education set I ordered was the homeschool pack).
I payed about 600-650 $ dollars (that approximatley 3700 Norwegian kronors). One retail version costs about 400-450 dollars (about 2700 Norwegian kronors) in Norway, and one Edu. set costs about 750-800 $ dollars (about 4500 Norwegian kronors) in Norway. The recsource set costs about 150 $ dollars in Norway, approximatley 700 Norwegian kronors, and it only costs 59 $ dollars in USA!
1 dollar ($) is about 6.0 - 6.2 Norwegian kronors.

Andy (the one how likes to
brag (<--) about my LEGO`s!)

PS. whew, that was a LOOONG comment... finally done!! :)
Andy said…
Hey everyone! Good news!
I finally updated my blog on NXT!
Just go to:

BTW, the backorder sentence at the bottom of the page is gone now...


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