IMPORTANT release from LEGO coming SOON

Watch the official site over the next few days for instructions and news for updating your software with the Dynamic Block Update.

Windows and Mac:

The Dynamic Block Update allows the MINDSTORMS NXT Software to import new blocks to the Complete palette. These blocks include the Mini Blocks, the Legacy Blocks, 3rd party sensor blocks or any other blocks developed using the LabVIEW Toolkit for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.


Anonymous said…
WOW this is intresting.. I had a discussion with Robotica (poster on this forum) about it a few days back.. Because the told so BIG that everything would be OPEN SOURCE.. But every 3th party sensor on the market works with the instruction set of the Ultrasonic sensor.. At that moment i thoughed that Lego had not thing about this matter and everyone would be stuck with only the command structure of the US sensor..

So finally GOOD news.. I'm already busy with some 3th party sensor development.. And this news sounds really great in my ears, knowing that i can make my own blocks en data structure to just add my sensors and stuff to the NXT..

I also hope that the HiTechnic Multiplexor will suceed with this new software upgrade.. Because it should have the function of 4 extra sensors and 4 extra motors that have to be attached in someway into the software..

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