Mindstorms Contest Winners Announced!!

The winners of the Lego Mindstorms Building Challenge, to which I submitted my A27 Bionic Glove, were just announced in the latest Lego Magazine! My submission didn't win, but there were some pretty clever designs. My favorite was the pinball machine (see picture) where you play pinball with the NXT balls.

Anyway, congratulations to the three winners! If any of you readers are the designers of one of these robots, please comment with any extra information you can give (descriptions, more pictures, videos) - I'm itching to know how some of these guys work!



Anonymous said…
could you post the building instructions/ program with the my blocks?
Anonymous said…
for the A27 arm?

Unfortunately, I don't have building instructions for the Bionic Glove.

As for the program... I wasn't planning on uploading and posting all the my blocks I used, but now I think will because of popular demand (check out my NXTLog to see what I mean). :)

Anonymous said…
although they didn't put my age (which is 10 when i built it i am 11 now) i was really excited when i found out that i had won the contest. they also spelled my first name wrong (which is N-I-C-H-O-L-A-S) i didn't really care at least the picture was good. the lego set i chose was the lego star wars tie advanced. it is huge!
the way i use my set is basically when i get home i get a snack and go to my little office. i have a PC and a nice big desk to do my work there. i usally watch a movie or browse the internet to search for ideas or learn new things about nxt. the first thing i do when i get an idea i build a base and make sure it is sturdy and strong to hold the other parts. usally after i finish a project i take it apart and build it again until it is perfect. i realy enjoy working with nxt and i am hoping to enter more contests in the furture! =)

PS if you go to the nxtlog at mindstorms.com look for my robots. my user name is NXTdude. by the way i like your robotic arm! =)
-Nicholas LaJoie
Anonymous said…
I made the LEGO Pinball Machine. It took me like a month to build and I used almost all of my lego bricks. To any of those who are interested, I can post my next project when I finish it. (Lego Monopoly) Post for any questions.
-Brian Hague

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