Mobile Phone NXT Control

Lego has released software for controlling your NXT via a mobile phone. You can find the software and details here.

Documentation can be downloaded here.

Support is provided for the following:

Nokia: 6680, 3230
Sony Ericson: W800i, W550i, K610i, K800i, K750i, Z710i, Z550i, K510i
BenQ-Siemens: CX75, X75

Please let us know your results if you test the application.


Tony Buser said…
Unfortunately I can't get it to work with my Nokia 6682 (US version of the 6680). When I try to connect to the NXT I get a message saying: "Lost connection with NXT. Please re-connect."
Anonymous said…
I was able to get it working with my Nokia N73. The resolution of my screen is 240X320, so the app runs small and in the upper left corner, but it works.

Remote control, program control, data gathering. The photo phunction didn't work on my phone, though.

This makes me wanna play with my legos more!
Anonymous said…
I did need to pair my NXT to the phone before launching the app.
Anonymous said…
I tried the app (all versions) on my Nokia 6403 but it didn't work--I got a out of memory error. I think it just might work if they removed the fancy animation. I ran the app in an emulator on my PC and I like it.
Anonymous said…
Some versions of the app didn't download to my phone successfully. But if I renamed the *.jar to something else (eg, *.txt), the file copied without a problem. When the file was copied to my phone, I rename it to the original file name.
Anonymous said…
Whats a passkey on the NXT when you try to connect. It asks for it. How do I find it out?
GrygrFlzr said…
the passkey is chosen when you connect to the phone. default passkey is: '1234' without ''.
Mine connects perfectly to ALL phones, but sometimes it says: "Busy line..." when connecting.
otuto said…
where I can get this application to nokia 6233.. screen resolution is 240*320
Unknown said…
The application works really good! I tried it out with a Sony Ericsson C702 and it worked.
Unknown said…
where can I download the NXT mobile phone application ? It doesn't seem to be available online anymore. Can someone put it online for me somewhere ?
Unknown said…
Yeah, it is quite weird you cannot find the application any more. Anyone knows where to find it, or even if there's a newer version?
Anonymous said…
Same problem: NO NXT mobile phone application to find... :(

Maybe someone can help or share? I'm using a Nokia 5800 and would love to try it with NXT.

Thank you!
i can't find it!!!
i cant find the application anywhere, anymore!!!!
can anybody find me??? post it for me??? somewhere??
i need it fast! as soon as possible!!!
Unknown said…
Yeah - Looks like they took it off or something. That's okay though, because you don't need that particular application to get your mobile device to control the NXT! Not to fear for a great writeup on the controlling the NXT over bluetooth, check this out:

Also, if you would rather just download some apps for your device to control the NXT, there are plenty of FREE applications here:

-Just filter it for LEGOS under the robot tab!

Hope this helps!

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