New(?) NXT Demo

Not sure how recent this is, but the NXT Shop At Home product now has a demo to view. It's pretty neat, with information about all the different parts of the NXT.

How'd they get the Alpha Rex to walk so good anyway? :-)



Rob Torok said…
I think I've had Alpha Rex walking like that (discounting what I think may be an increased playback speed...)

Back in the early days of the MDP, LEGO gave me special permission to show the NXT to a local television current affairs program. Although I wanted to show off Spike (because he was the coolest!), my wife correctly pointed that a more 'friendly' looking robot would be more appropriate. I showed off Alpha Rex instead.

I was very keen to have him walk well, so I spent ages trying to work out what made a difference. It depended a lot on the surface, but on our kitchen bench seemed to give good results.

The other main factors seemed to be having the legs in synch, and using the 7-length (or is it 5-length?) bent beams with the flexible 2-length beams (the rubbery ones!) within each foot to grip the surface as the robot's weight shifts.

Anonymous said…
I think I have seen some of those clips at the Mindstorms NXT preview at the Lego store at WDW.

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