NXT Buttons Bumper

Someone on brickshelf designed a bumper which presses the NXT buttons when activated - thus freeing up two sensor ports and touch sensors (or whatever sensors that would be used to detect an object).

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Looking at it closely, I can see it's a pretty ingenius design if it works: there are two extensions on it - one in front and one in back - that press one of the arrow buttons when pushed down (each extension is attached to an axle which can rotate, lifting or lowering the blue pegs, thereby releasing or pressing the buttons). They were positioned in the front and back of the robot such that, when something bumped into them head on, they would be pushed down, and press one of the arrows.

I know some people have been talking about making one of these (mainly for FLL to get extra touch sensors), but this is the first time I've seen one actually built - and a really good one at that!


NXTGord said…
That one is my little design. The front bumper worked really well. The back one a little less so. I think the shape of the back one could be improved. The bumper designs will of course need to be changed anyway depending on the rest of the robot, but I think the part that fits over the face of the NXT brick could be used for a number of different robot designs.

One thing to notice is the rubber pieces that are used to allow adjustment to the pressure that is required to press the buttons. You can engage these or not depending on the situation.
Oh, so you're the one who made it - very nice design!

Anonymous said…
This button bumper is really interesting! I may have my FLL kids build one for fun.

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