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Doing some surfing on the net I found this (although it is already a bit older I still think it is good to post it here)

At www.legoengineering.com a new tool is posted.
With this tool you can easily create your own images to display on the NXT.

I downloaded the tool and did a little test.
Sure, you can draw and put characters in the display image, but the real power is in the import image function.

With the Contrast setting you can convert your full color picture to a pure black and white picture and that is handy!

Then I did add some text and I'm ready to save my picture.

It automatically saves in the Pictures directory of the NXT software, for easy use later.

Now I can use the NXT-G software to upload my custom picture to the NXT.
Have fun Using this nice tool.
Download it at: LEGO engineering.


Unknown said…
Nice images (though this has been actually the third time this tool has been posted in THE NXT STEP, and it should be noted that the author is Andreas Dreier from the MCP).
Yes, but this is my first time seeing it used with instructions... very nicely done, Andreas.

Anonymous said…
The version I downloaded did not allow me to inport JPG files--there were no files listed in the Form_ImageImport window. any idea why?
Robotica said…
Jon of nh,

I have, just yesterday, downloaded the tool (version 1.0.0 Right click the executable and see the about information). It does show me a list of available pictures.

Be sure however that the extention of the JPG pictures is indeed jpg and NOT JPEG, the tool will not recognize them. But since the format is the same, you can rename those pictures to jpg. then they will be visable in the File|Import|Form_ImageImport window.

In order to use the pictures I would like to sugest to first change the picture in size and shape so that it matches the final display shape.
Anonymous said…
I renamed a couple to .jpg but I still don't get to see any files.
Anonymous said…
I renamed a couple to .jpg but I still don't get to see any files.
Robotica said…

Be sure that you actually rename the (last) extention part.

With XP you may need to turn off the hide extentions for known types first.
in an Explorer window- select from the tools menu - folder options - there the Tab: view and in the Advanced settings (scroll down a little) you can see the checkbox "Hide extentions for known file types"

you can do a little test to rename the extention to NXT first and check if the Icon changes, if so you are changing the correct part of the filename

Regards Martyn
Anonymous said…
it works, after unhiding the extensions the files show up in the import dialog.

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