NXT Edu Pilot Program School

Here's a link to a fun article about a school that uses NXTs as part of a pilot program sponsored by Lego. Under the program, Lego provides schools with robots and software for a reduced rate. In exchange, the school provides Lego with feedback about the product. Read the articlehere.

David Levy provides other feedback about this pilot program elsewhere on this blog (October 11 and November 3 posts).


David Levy said…
Has the school posted feedback on the pilot site yet?

It's interesting to see the age ranges of the students.

Anonymous said…
I can't tell if this school has posted feedback yet, since a lot of the comments on the pilot site don't identify the school.

I noticed that some of the students from one school thought that the NXT was more of a toy than the old RCX was.

It's hard to follow that reasoning, since the NXT has so many more capabilites than the older version.
I agree with you... the NXT lacks the bright colors that the RCX pieces had and, to me, looks like a more "polished" and "professional" robotics kit.


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