NXT related page of the ETH Zurich

A reader of our German sister page Die NXTe Ebene has informed us about an interesting NXT related site of the renowned ETH Zurich. It contains amongst other things a project on a robot that explores an unknown room whilst creating an internal environmental map.

For German speaking readers, the underlying semester thesis is available on German (see the according blog entry on Die NXTe Ebene). The contained NBC program is likely to be one of the largest that presently exist.
Would be nice to get some comments by the authors, Claudia and Thomas, on their experiences with NBC.

Thanks, Achim, for the link!
Matthias Paul


If NXT-G ever comes with support for arrays, would this allow for NXT-G bots to create and use environmental maps of some sort?

Brian Davis said…
Yes, perhaps. Although I suspect that would be by far the most complex NXT-G code I've seen as well (memory might begin to be an issue... not with the space to store the map, but with the space to hold the compiled NXT-G code). How big is the NBC code that runs on this?

Brian "Ich bin nicht Deutsch" Davis
Unknown said…
> How big is the NBC code that runs on this?

The semester thesis lists around 2,100 lines of code.

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