NXT support for RCX motors and sensors also released

I followed the link Brian gave earlier, to the new Lego Dynamic Blocks and Mini-Blocks. When I scrolled down the page I saw something else that was not there yesterday ...

"The Legacy Block library adds support for RCX actions and sensors to the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software. There is a new block for the RCX motor, lamp, touch sensor, light sensor, rotation sensor and temperature sensor.

NOTE: In order to connect the RCX sensors to the NXT, a converter cable is required. "

This has been eagerly anticipated by everyone with both the retail NXT kit, and an old Mindstorms RCX .

The Legacy Library is available as English, French, German, Japanese or Dutch downloads.

- Tony N

PS As previously mentioned on The NXT Step, the converter cables are sold by Lego's online shop: http://shop.lego.com/


Anonymous said…
Yes, I'm a bit annoyed with that. I went a and bought the Education version for the RCX support only to find they give it out free a month later.
Anonymous said…
i payed 50 bucks for that :(
It's been widely known for some time that LEGO was going to offer the legacy blocks to the retail kit... this was no big secret.

I still want an Educational version....So many great parts, cables, and the Rechargable Battery/charger...etc., etc. Those are way better reasons in my book!

FrederickGeek8 said…
You don't need the conveter cable at all, you need is one RCX cable and one NXT cable. You cut and strip both wires and twist both (+to+ -to-)......And Presto!

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