NXT trike

John Brost, one of the members of the MDP, recently posted to LUGNET a nice looking (and even nicer working) trike based around the NXT, and using the largest wheels ever produced by LEGO. It drives by remote control, and he has a video of it up on YouTube as well. Take a look:

NXT trike on NXTlog

I'm wondering if with putting the NXT back that far, and with the torque it can obviously put out, if it could do a wheelie. Perhaps with two small outrigger wheels to allow a rearward balance point. But it looks really good to my eye.

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
Very nice & Original!
Does anyone know the wheels' part number on Bricklink? I think i could find them useful =)
Brian Davis said…
Unfortunately, you're not the first person to want them. It's Bricklink ID 22969c01, but they only came out in a couple of sets, and it looks like there's only a half dozen or so at the moment:


Brian Davis
(who has 4 from the 4x4 Technic off-roader... and is *not* selling them)
I'm not splitting hairs...But to clear things a bit...

Those are the "Largest Rubber Wheels" ever produced by LEGO... The Largest Wheels ever produced by LEGO usable in LEGO creations are the 4481 Star Wars Hailfire Droid's Hoop Wheels. These Hoop Wheels are also the largest Gear ever produced by LEGO.

Now, "unusable"... the largest wheels ever produced by LEGO are actually those found on the now recalled 3905 Super Truck DUPLO. Though DUPLO elements could be added to the studs on top of the cab and in the truck bed to create some huge models. My son has 2 of the trucks and with his ton of DUPLO has created some very large things with the trucks in the past.

Christopher (The Elemental)
Anonymous said…
This is So COOL done.. I like how simple but ellegant the design is..

The tires are from the powerpuller or 8466 offroader
Unknown said…
How to do this? DO you hav anty procedures? Please?

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