NXTruck more Pictures

The NXT is completely embedded in the model. I took off the right side plate and opened the door for internal view.

The left motor is geared down 3 times (8:24) to steer the front wheels
The drive motor is placed on the right side and is not geared down.
The (black) steer boom is moved to the front to make more space for the gears. I added extra side beams for more stability.
Unfortunately I had to remove the engine, so I could place the lightsensor.
See also the Ldraw file for more detail on the gears.


Anonymous said…
Very impressive! Could you show us some detailed pics about how you make the steering machanism? I still haven't been able to make a car that can steer the way cars in real life do.
Robotica said…
Hi Max,

please have al look here:

I hope these pictures will help.


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