Plenty of "Lego Sets" On Hand for the US

According to Michael McNally, a senior exec at Lego, there will be NO holiday shortage of "Lego sets" within the US. Presumably, McNally's statement applies to the NXT, as well as to other Lego sets.

Read McNally's quoteshere


Peter Hoh said…
Reading between the lines, perhaps it's toy shelves in Denmark that will be bare in December.
Tony Naggs said…
I am not sure whether User Friendly are Lego fans or not. Check today's cartoon strip:

Really Funny.... Well, not really. Out of the approx. 250+ LEGO sets I have opened in my lifetime (that may be an extreme under-estimate!) I have never been shorted a single piece. Never. But, if I was ever...I could always rely on LEGO to come through and supply the missing element!

Brian Davis said…
I have, actually...on two occassions. In each case, the part was at my door about two days later, no questions asked. This is not to say I haven't heard the "this piece is missing" complaint many many times, as either my son or I try to find the proper piece in a 1000+_ piece set :-). Yes, LEGO's quality control is amazing, and their customer service is even more amazing on issues like these.

Brian Davis

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