ROBOLAB v2.9.3 upgrade patch available Feb 2007?

LEGO have made it clear for some time that the final version of ROBOLAB would be v2.9, but ROBOLAB junkies such as myself can take heart that there has been at least some work on it since the last release.

I have recently heard that Tufts will have a v2.9.3 upgrade patch available for free download from LEGO Engineering ( in early February. Apparently the patch will not only fix some bugs but also add new features.

I have no idea what those new features will be. Here's hoping for more of something that rhymes with 'new booth'... (-:



Brian Davis said…
I suspect it will rhyme with "loader link". but I agree with your hope.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
...we...already have that...

We have a licensed disk that is RoboLab 2.9.2, and a file that is called 2.9.3 patch. What gives?
Rob Torok said…
Thanks to the people who let me know that a BETA of v2.9.3 is already available from:

Also, if you would like to see Bluetooth support within ROBOLAB at some stage, could you please let LEGO know. At the very least, leave a comment here to that effect.

Anonymous said…
I was told that Lego won't allow Robolab to have Bluetooth, even though it can, because it would show how lame the NXT-G software is.


Get the ABS out of your ears Lego and listen to what we teachers have to say for once and not your so called target market (8yrs+ boys).

Robolab is used in thousands of schools around the world and we want to use it with the NXT and utilize all the features of the NXT!

Ben Cousins
Anonymous said…
And homes, don't forget homes, we want the same thing for the same reason.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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