Running Sneeker

Okay, as promised, some more details about Sneeker and how I plan to use it...

To the left is a simple Capture program that came with the VideoXpress device I purchased to connect my wireless camera to my laptop.

Sneeker is on the floor about 10 feet away and looking at me. His basic program is just a handful of MOVE blocks and a WAIT for Ultrasonic Sensor block (triggered when it detects an obstacle at 12 inches or less). He moves randomly now since I'm not controlling him via RC or OnBrick (but that's coming...) - I"m just letting him roll and get into trouble.

This image shows my setup - laptop on the right, VideoXpress device to the left of the laptop (with USB cable running to back of laptop), and the webcam receiver connected to the VideoXpress device. There are WAY TOO MANY cables, but I've manage to bundle them up to keep them out of the way.

Finally, here's a link to a short and very-poorly edited video showing Sneeker's perspective. The video is .WMV format and 3MB in size and small. I was in a hurry :)

I'm working on getting a small demo setup using RoboRealm and will post that when completed.


Anonymous said…
I am interested to know the brand and the model of camera that you have bought for this experience.
Anonymous said…
All this and more has been available in Robolab for years using the Vision Center. All you need is the hardware. Pity lego didn't put Bluetooth in Robolab.
Unfortunately, the exact model of the camera I bought isn't sold at anymore... and I don't know why.

There is an older version of this camera available at time on eBay, but if I remember correctly, it only has the S-Video port and not Composite (or maybe its the other way around).

I'll dig again and see if I can find the one I purchased (I'm sure SOMEWHERE there's a seller)...

Here's the original product link, but it shows Out of Stock.
A search on the Part # will get you other places that sell... I checked a few and they appear all out... this one says it has them in stock, but beware... not all Internet sellers tell the truth about their stock.

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