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Not directly related to the NXT, but potentially very useful for it: LEGO has released a new type of tank-like treads. In the educational NXT kit are a set of rubber fixed-length treads, but a new snowmobile set from LEGO...

Technic snowmobile

has a multi-component tread formed from many individual links. While LEGO has made tread links before, these are much wider, have small cleats on them (should work much better on the carpet), and perhaps hold together better than the old style. More to the point the length of this tread system is very adjustable, leading to variable length treads. Bravo LEGO! I don't have these (yet...), but someone has put up some more detailed pictures up on Brickshelf:

Brickshelf gallery of Technic snowmobile

Brian Davis


Peter Hoh said…
Oooo. Now I know what's on my Christmas wish list.

Speaking of the fixed length rubber treads, is there any way to get them to turn smoothly? My treads seem to be warped -- well, that's not the right word, but kinked isn't the right word, either. Anyway, the treads cause the vehicle to run in a jerky manner.

Any ideas on how to fix this, or is this just the way it is with LEGO treads?
Brian Davis said…
To "even out" the treads, at least with the old ones, I think you could store them around two of the large Mindstorms "motorcycle" tires for a time, to try to restore a more uniform curvature. I've not tried this with the newer treads yet.

The unfortunate fact is that when the new rubber treads are installed on hubs in a structure they will memorize the new profile if they sit for a week without being turned.

The new tread links are the way to go. The prospects of adding elements to the tread area is very exciting. The pin holes can then use a wide assortment of different elements and expand the uses of the tread system in some very interesting ways. Makes me wonder if LEGO will create some snap-on rubber elements for the pin would be a nice addition for use on hard surfaces!

Anonymous said…
These new treads look like a great boon for GBC module construction.
Brian Davis said…
Hehe... that would be why I ordered two immediately... :-)

Brian "GBC" Davis
Anonymous said…
Is there a way to buy the new or old treads sepratly, like buy only that? If so, please tell me.

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