Spotted Alpha-Rex pin

Hi all, although I'm an co-editor on this blog since May 2006, it took some time to actually make my first post.
Many of you might have seen me on the LEGO Mindstoms website with my photoscan robot COCO5

Since November 2006 I was asked to join the MUP2 and had to make sure that although I had inside information on the NXT, traces of that knowledge were not directly shown on this blog, so my first contributions were made by Jim (Thank you Jim!).

Now I think it is time to show more intresting things, like this little nice Pin.

I got several pins from LEGO to show the visitors at the LEGO WORLD 2006 event in Zwolle, the Netherlands, that we have knowledge on the NXT.

Still having several pins left I think that it is a good plan to start a contest for NXT owners to build a robot and share them with us on this blog.

You can add a comment to this blog with a link to a picture of your Robot.
The top 20 models / robots will be rewarted with a Pin shipped before Xmass.


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to start... I'm getting my NXT Kit TODAY!!!
Anonymous said…
Sounds awesome. I'm going back to my Mom's house thise weekend so I can start my NXT building again and get back into the game.
Anonymous said…
I'm intrested what people will build with the NXT set..

I allready earned my own Pin at Legoworld..

I will also enter the contest .. Not for the pin.. Just for the hounor.. If i win 1 it will go to the NXT person that just didn't win..

Really looking forward to it..
I'll go ahead and play, too... I'll try and design something this weekend and post next week.

Thanks, Martyn, for encouraging play...

David Levy said…
Any way to buy these in bulk?

They would make a great graduation gift for my Fall session students

pictured here

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