A true walker?

This video shows one of the bots posted on NXTLOG walking... from what I can tell, it truly does appear to lean enough for its feet to clear the floor and not "shuffle"... it looks like a true NXT walker.

Very nicely done...

(If you are the creator (or know who this person is), please contact us. There were no building or programming instructions provided on NXTLOG and we'd like to ask you to provide them on NXTLOG if possible)



That thing looks... life-like!

I found an email address for the creator (I think) and emailed him/her this morning... I'm hoping they either plan on posting instructions on NXTLOG or via a book of some sort... I love chicken-walkers and this one looks great...
Anonymous said…
To see Lego Mindstorm robots of this author, visit:


JAB, Juan Antonio Breña Moral
Anonymous said…
Yes, this if from Tokyo Lego Studios. It was created as sequence to previous walkers. If you interested, instruction are included in website.
Anonymous said…
I have some questions.

In the video notice the "knees";
they have hinged drive shafts.

This part(parts?)is not
in the retail version of NXT.
Is it the educational version?

Can it be found in any other
Technic kits?

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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