Updated cover

I'm learning that a book is NEVER done... there are always things to be tinkering with. Here are two images... one is the FINALIZED cover of my book and the other is the Table of Contents for those of you wondering how the book is broken down.
I'm getting pretty excited about the book being released... there's a LOT of stuff that goes into getting a book on the shelf and I'm glad it's over (at least for THIS book). I've included my email address in the book and I'm hoping to see a LOT of pictures of variations of my bots as well as some unique designs e-mailed to me...


Wow, looks really neat! This is an ingenius book idea as well.

Thanks, Jonathan... it was fun to write, too...

There are so few IT/technology books these days for kids (and adults who are young-at-heart) and I thought the idea might be more entertaining than a simple How-To book.

Brian Davis said…
It actually makes for a rather enjoyable read as well - not what I usually would think of in such a book, but very welcome in going through it.

Brian Davis
Brian Davis was the technical editor for my book... excuse me... Dr. Brian Davis ;) - PhD in Physics

Anonymous said…
Hi Jim,
I preordered from amazon.
Will it be released in time for Chrsitmas? I'd like to get if for one of my sons.
Hi, Alan.

I've been told by my publisher that it will be out on Dec 11... I will ask about pre-orders for Amazon and see if they know anything.


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