Wanna Deal on an NXT Retail Kit? Act Fast!

Well, it is the time of the year for gift giving... Why not give the gift of an NXT kit? Upon reading my email almost too late I found this deal that might make some of us a little happy! Act fast because this deal expires 2:59 am Eastern Time (USA) on November 29th, 2006. . That's tonight! Call this one a gift from me to you. That is...If you would like an NXT Retail Kit for $187.46 USD w/ FREE Shipping (+ sales tax if applicable) here's how...

First, create a B&N customer account (if you do not already have one) when you go to Barnes&Noble.com. Then, search for "MindStorms" find the NXT set and add it to your cart.
When you get to the "Payment" screen during the checkout enter this coupon code for a 25% discount: X9Y3G8Y

That's it! Enjoy!



I'll make the first comment by letting interested people know that I'm sorry if you missed this deal due to my tardiness. I had quite a few emails piled in my inbox from the week leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday... Those from Barnes & Noble were among the lowest priority for my attention.

Saving readers from the actual details...my holiday was far from a happy one.

Anonymous said…
Sorry about your holiday. I don't think I could convince my parents to buy me another NXT set. I'm saving for a PS3 anyway.
Tony Naggs said…
I have just had my attention drawn to a press release from Barnes & Noble.

Apparently the best selling toy in their Cyber Monday promotion yesterday was the Lego NXT. :-)

- Tony N

PS Sorry about your holiday.
No need to apologize, Chris... sales like this one are usually short-lived and sometimes are repeated. People still have 6 hours (by my watch) or more to get the deal - plenty of time :)

Anonymous said…
I new very new to robot system. I am glad I happend to see your message. It worked! Thank you very much. My son will have a happy holiday! Sorry about your holiday. I wish you have good luck. I am sure you will.
AWESOME! See, Chris - someone managed to get one!!!

I hope you enjoy your new robot kit when it arrives!

Anonymous said…
where'd you find the coupon code? (I don't want to be stealing anything...)
Anonymous said…
You're not stealing. See
to see the coupon code. Anyone can use it.
Or search for the coupon code on Google to find the web page.
Wow, what a deal! I think I'll get one, if for nothing else than to resell it on EBay. :)

Thanks for posting about this, Chris.

Anonymous said…
thanks jon of nh.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much! I'm glad I found your blog today. My 10 yo will be so happy this Christmas thanks to your posting. Have a great holiday.

Thanks everyone.

The coupon offer details actually say that the coupon code is good until 2:59 am Eastern Time on November 29th, 2006.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip! I needed another one and saved $50 over Amazon's price.
Anonymous said…
That is about what I paid each for two mints sets on ebay (including shipping). Ive mentioned to Jim more than once the good prices of unopened sets on eBay, but he has not commented to my knowledge...

so if you miss this special, check out eBay. I bought mine on eBay over a month ago and I havent checked prices since, but I imagine you can still find good deals... just dont wait too long!
Hi, Alan.

I've been hesitant to say anything about eBay because of some bad experiences I've had in the past... I realize this is just me, but I've been burned before and didn't want to start trouble by recommending to a reader something that could come back to bite me.

As always, BUYER BEWARE.

Your Right Jim! eBay is a hit or miss chance at something wanted. I cannot say for sure but a lot of NXT kits are going for "off the truck" prices! The new NXT kit is Hot and the sellers know it.

I was about to buy an NXT kit last week and upon inspection I noticed that the seller's feedback score had 9 recent negative feedback comments. That NXT auction still had 8 bidders when I noticed it. None of them looked at the feedback before bidding. If you are using eBay auctions with PayPal protection is the safe way to go. Also sellers with a high number of sales, 100% feedback rating (or nearest), good recent feedback comments, and PayPal protection all should be in order.

Here is an example of the one I was referring to earlier....search for this auction number 170054755777 and look at the seller's feedback (that's 6 NXT kits that have been paid for and never received by the buyers!)

It's very easy to overlook some things while shopping...Just remember that when something looks to good to be true... it usually is!

Anyway, I decided not to get the NXT. To be a member, you have to pay $25.00. Since the NXT is the only thing I'd want to get, I'd still be paying over $200.00 for it.

Sorry to hear that. But... you didn't need to become a member to use the coupon. You just needed to start an account.

Argh, now why didn't I think of that before?

Oh well, I didn't need it anyways since I already have one.

Anonymous said…
Yes, I would be very careful when shopping on eBay. Christopher's description of a good seller is exactly who I bought both my sets from... people with impeccable feedback ratings and I used Paypal for my protection.

One person I bought from even included photos of the set with a little piece of cardboard with his name on it next to each taped seal: to show that he was selling unopened sets. But I did get two mints NXT sets from eBay sellers, one for $175 and one for a bit more, plus $15-20 for postage.

Anyway, enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I missed that promotion but I'm saving money to buy one NXT and hopefully I get one good deal. I'm very keen to have one and do some programming.
Anonymous said…
So this was a great deal last year. Do you have any idea where I might find such a deal this year? the lowest I've seen is $250 for the 8527 set.
I would really appreciate any help you could lend to Dad who loves Lego and has an 8year old who took the Lego robotics courses over the summer and also fell in love with the Mindstorms set.
Thanks in advance,
Anonymous said…
Barnes and Noble just sent 25%-off coupons to their e-mail-list customers. Unfortunately, I can't find the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics Set on the b&n site now! :( Am I missing something, or do they no longer sell it? Your original post about the 25% coupon in Nov/Dec inspired me to watch for another coupon, but now this doesn't look very promising.

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