Whose afraid of the broken wire?

If you've spent any time working in NXT-G, chances are you've come across that "broken wire" problem. That is, even though your program looks just fine to the naked eye, when you go to compile it the Mindstorms software announces a "broken wire" that you have to remove, even though you can't see one anywhere. Well, here's a possible solution, written by one of the very helpful folks at NI who worked on the original software, Jason King.

Note: while this is written by a person over at NI, this is not an official patch or addition supported by NI or LEGO. Please do not bug them about this, and install and use at your own risk, etc. By now, in a NXT world rapidly filling with hacked solution, this should be well understood, but it bares repeating.

Read about (& download it) it here: RemoveBadWires thread on nxtasy.org

Please let me know how well it works. Notice that I
personally haven't tested this yet... because I rarely if ever get a "hidden" broken wire. I don't think I'm blessed; I suspect it has something to do with the style I code in... but I don't know what it is. So if you have this problem (hidden broken wires) a lot, please let us know how you think it occurs, and what solutions (if any) you've found... or how to avoid it in the first place.

And thank you, Jason, for listening to a whole lot of people on this (& other!) issues.

Brian Davis


lol, that's funny, I got a broken wire bug right after seeing this post! I didn't have the thing downloaded, but it's very easy to fix anway - just select the whole program, copy it, and then paste it into another program. The broken wires get left behind.

Anonymous said…
Had the same problem over and over

The broken wire was hidden behind a huge loop

Almost cut a half of the program before i found it :(
Anonymous said…
i have tryed evry thing evry time i get a broken wire why?

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