Workshops for NXT Training? is sponsoring a workshop on the NXT in Manhattan on December 5th. You can bring your own NXT or "rent" one from them. Read about ithere.

This workshop is pricey ($300), but it may be a way for teachers to get a quick introduction to the NXT in a community environment.

Does anyone else know of other workshops like this in the US or elsewhere?


Anonymous said…
This workshop actually is not sponsored by TakingITGlobal; however, the Digital Divide Network site, where the details are posted, is.
If you'd like to learn more about events and resources for educators that are provided by TakingITGlobal, please visit TIGed. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
No offense to Emily or TIG, but I do have some concerns about this workshop. I am a technical trainer, by the way.

The class is 6 hours and the description states that it is for all levels (beginner, med, adv.) and will be a mixture of teachers and parents.

My first concern is the cost. At an average of $50 per hour, this is certainly not unexpected for a technical class, but in my experience the classes taught at this level of price range are usually for a specified level of skill and audience. This mixture of skill levels is a concern because, in my experience, mixing skill levels tends to be frustrating. The beginners either complain the class moves too fast or the advanced group claims the class is moving too slow. This is a common complaint in technology classes and I can see it with this workshop.

My next concern is the attempt to cover both Robolab and the NXT software, based on the needs of the class. This, too, will slow down the class and be frustrating.

Next is the lack of course syllabus, goals, and description of what the buyer will take away from the class when finished. There do not seem to be any defined goals other than to learn about the NXT.

These are just my opinions. I may be wrong and the workshop may be a complete success. I would just like to hear from Emily or TIG about my concerns. I'm not in the area to take advantage of this workshop, but as a technical trainer I am very concerned when workshops are offered that have the potential to aggravate and/or disappoint and leave a stain on my industry.
Anonymous said…
I meant to add one additional comment.

I wanted to thank the NXT step people for a great blog. I subscribe to your feed and enjoy the updates. If you hear from TIG about this workshop, I would appreciate it if you would keep us informed.

Jason Bell
Jacksonville, FL
Rick Rhodes said…

Thanks for clarifying who sponsors the NXT workshop. (What threw me were the words at the bottom of the workshop's web page: "A Project of").

I think the idea of training for the NXT is good. While most people will just slog through the documentation that comes with the kit, some people will appreciate having the information taught in a group setting.

I'd like to hear more about the DDN. Do they sponsor projects similar to the one involving the NXT?
Anonymous said…
Tufts Center for Engineering Educational Outreach (CEEO) has a few NXT related workshops and events for educators.

1) For educators in the Boston Area there are
two upcoming NXT sessions

2)The CEEO works with local LEGO education distributors around the world to host
LEGO Engineering Conferences
which are one day events for educators to attend presentations and workshops on the NXT and RCX. The NXT is gradually being phased in to these conferences --so check the schedule and contact the site coordinator for specific details. All 2007 Conferences are expected to address the NXT in some way.

3) For more advanced educators and advocates of LEGO Mindstorms, this January the CEEO will host a LEGO Engineering Symposium which focuses on exploring the learning potential and tools for Data Logging and Robotics with the NXT (and RCX)

Additional Sessions for the spring and summer will be announced in early 2007.

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