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Is a GPS-sensor for the NXT possible?

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Women, help me out here!

Images from the Bricking Bavaria 06

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PC Magazine's 23rd Annual Technical Excellence Award

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Firmware and 1.04 Released

Built On The Rock Wins NJ State Tournament!

Ideas for a grade school challenge event

November 2006 statistics

Open Sourcing of firmware postponed to 11th of December

Bricks for Brains FLL Team results

The Texas Lone Star FLL Regional Championship Tournament!


"Vintage" NXT

Another Great Musicial Mindstorms Video

HiTechnic Compass block update

Christmas came a little early...

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Open Source Firmware Release Update

NXT and Linux

FLL Team Pick at State Championship

LabVIEW Toolkit released

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A27 Bionic Glove Program

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Call for Proposals - Fourth Annual 2007 FIRST Robotics Conference

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