Amazing FLL solution

Check out the remarkable performance by an RCX robot in this year's FLL competition.
Notice that all attachments are changed autonomously by the robot!

NXT related questions.

1) What kind of resources will there be for students to be able attempt this level of sophistication using the NXT?

2) What's the best process to put in place to get students to come up with these types of solutions? Should they be taught to reverse engineer a complete solution or should instruction be limited to component design fundamentals?

I'm a first year coach with a rookie team and now that the season is over, I'd like to help the kids explore what areas to improve on.

David Levy (coach)
Team 1936 - Super Nanobot Extremes ( winner of the Virginia State Rookie Team Award)
Robotics Club Coordinator Forest Edge Elementary School
Teams 1936,1937,1938,1939,2687


That was GREAT!!

What surprised me was that they chose to do the pizza molecules 2nd to last... most teams I've watched choose to do that one first. Their solutions to the elevator and spring table were very nice, too.

This is also a great video because it shows that the RCX is still fully able to compete against the NXT - this should provide encouragement to those teams using the RCX and wondering if the NXT provides an edge.
Anonymous said…
They used magnets so that the robot could change it's own attachments. That first mission (dirt trap) had a wind up motor attachment that was magneticaly attached to the robot, when the wind up motor grabbed (and activated) the robot backed away and the magnets were forced apart. Also when the robot comes back to base, the magnets allow some variation on the robots placement, or the placement of the attachment. It was really incredible how they did it all with only one program (except for when they do the other teams side of the elevator).

Geeks can fly!

Maniac, who's team was beet by the Geeks:-)
Anonymous said…
please excuse all the spelling errors, must remember spell check next time *sheepish grin*
Wow, that's amazing! I can't believe they did that!

Jim, we also do the pizza molecules last - along with the atom manipulation mission.

Man, what a shame those guys aren't going to Atlanta.

Anonymous said…
Way to go RCX users! I found myself laughing out loud and screaming go!

No trip to Atlanta? Why not? It's not that far.
Anonymous said…
"For what it's worth, the Flying Geeks had straight "Excellent" scores on our project judging. What killed us this year was the Teamwork judging. I also think that there were a lot of really good research projects this year, so having all Excellent scores might have put us in the top 10 or 20 teams, not necessarily high enough for directors." Taken from the forum!
Anonymous said…
We do the pizza molecules last as we find it interferes with other missions.
Congrats to the Flying Geeks!

Question to all participants: Were this year's challenges more difficult, about the same, or less difficult than last year's?

Anonymous said…
i was on team wolf tech syzygy and i cant belive that the rcx got some really high scores like at the one at U of R a rcx got 2nd place the flying geeks did amazing and that i have to say

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