Bricks for Brains FLL Team results

Tom emailed me some information on his rookie team's recent participation in their regional competition. You can read all about the great job they did here.

Congrats to your team, Tom.


Nice pictures... your team looked very organized. White binders. White organizer table for parts.

One question: In some of the pictures it looks like the lighting was somewhat low for the tables... this may just have been the camera. I'm just curious if your team used the Light sensor at all and if lighting was an issue.
Anonymous said…
Thanks! yeah, we took a bit of mocking over our "furniture" from the MC, but my team had all our attachments lined up and organized. The light was pretty consistant, and seemed normal.
Actualy, while our robot was equipped with a light sensor we eventually abandoned any use of it. On our table it was proving unpredictable and we didn't want to move on to competition with that hanging over our heads.
David Levy said…
Congrats Tom. Did you drive from Lompac to Lego Land San Diego?

Our teams had a similar commute from Northern to Southern Virginia.

The competetion kind of wipes you out esp. when there is a long drive home in front of you.

Anonymous said…
Thanks. Yes, we drove down to SD the night before. It can be a grueling drive but we were lucky and made it in 4 hours. Our total entourage was 21 people! My family stayed 2 nights so we could enjoy the park on Sunday. it was a great trip.

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