Chess anyone?

It looks like the author is having problems finishing this, but it's a really impressive start! I've wanted to take on mini-chess on the RCX for some time: a 5x5 board (originally proposed by Martin Gardner as I recall) can support (barely) all the basic legal chess moves, including en passant and castling. Take a look at this:

miniChess on the NXT

Anyone want to take him up on the offer (or is that challenge) of taking this further? The icon set alone is very nice, take a look. Coincidently, I will be playing (make that, "possible getting slaughtered in") a chess tourney all day tommorow with my son... had this come earlier, perhaps I should have entered my NXT...

Brian "touch move" Davis


Anonymous said…
well although limited in moves i would have to be the king always the last one standing, although a little wimpy always running away and hiding behing others lol

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