Dad needs some help...

I got an email yesterday from a father of a 10 year old who "got a NXT set and is eager to find some simple detailed instructions for simple projects he can do. I can't believe this is so difficult to find. Can you point us in the right direction?"

He is aware of NXTLOG and points out that most people just post pictures without building or programming instructions... I told him I'd share this concern with him here and see if readers had any suggestions.

Are there any websites out there with instructions for simple bots for a very young designer? (He's aware of books, mine included, so what we're really looking for here are online resources)



Brian Davis said…
The problem is, the NXT is rather new; more people are playing with than designing and epublishing directions. There are some nice basic designs at LEGOWest:

And I've put up some of my designs in pictures on my Brickshelf account:

DAZLR is not quite ust the NXT kit, while the remote is, as is JennToo.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Well I'm busy with something like this.. Just because I saw this happen allready.. If the childeren are done with building the 4 default bots the get stuck..

The idea behind instructions with some education in it is that childeren will learn to build themself.. I think the younger generation today is into building the insturctions and not having the basics to get on and build further than the design given by Lego..

If i look to the son of my boss.. He is 8 years old now and having 2 years of Lego technic now.. What he build is OR the default models of the spybotic. Or something that doesn't work..

Just by pushing bricks together.. But Technic Lego isn't just bricks anymore.. So they have to think many more to build..
I have to admit that even myself has problems with studless building.. Even after building 3 years studless..

So my idea is to build some instructions about basic robots with great potention to let the free mind build more to get more functions..

For the Education and the retail version.. Only the Edu version is very expensive here.. 340 euro.. That eqvalent to 400 dollar.. :S:S

The end results will be on But so far there is nothing to see.. The robots are taking shape but are not ready..

Greets Daniel Wittenaar
Brickbash Robotics
Anonymous said…
The Repository currently holds 13 fully documented projects (i.e. projects with building instructions). It is in the Projects section:

Guy Ziv
Aurelian Design said…
Yes! I think the same thing. I'm happy to build stuff on my own, but I'm sure many people new to Mindstorms want to follow directions for a while longer, especially for kids. Good to know there are some sites with building instructions around. I think they are hard to find from what I've heard.

Robot Challenge
Anonymous said…
Check out the plotter at Anders' mindstorms site very nice :-)

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