Demo with NXT in toyshop

In the Netherlands I was asked to give several demonstrations with the NXT.
I had build the standard models and also showed the Clock.
The Clock worked perfect during the day, and Spike was the all-time favorite.

The demonstration table, and 48 NXT boxes.


Rick Rhodes said…
Is that you, Martijn?

I don't see an NXT pin on your lapel! ;)

Rick R.
David Levy said…
What a great idea.
Andy said…
I know this is not NXT specific, but one in my German class at school (in Norway) comes from Netherlands. =)
Robotica said…
Yes it is me (in the Orange NXT shirt).
See also:

for more pictures.

Right Rick as you are, I'm not wearing the NXT pin.. I did not want to make a hole in the nice official NXT shirt I got.
(I wonder by the way if anyone out there is building a robot model for earning a pin?)

But if you look closely you see that I'm wearing a little (lego) name-tag with the dutch flag (red/white/blue).
See also:
Anonymous said…
This is fun, I am doing the exact same thing this saturday here in Montreal :)

Please take some pictures if you can and, if you're open to it, I'll be happy to post them on the blog if you can share some details about how the day went... thanks!


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