First Impressions...

Many of you who do not yet have your NXT kits are going to be receiving them for Christmas or birthday soon... we'd love to hear from you about your first impressions and maybe even share some photos with us of your early projects.

And over the next few weeks, news and information may be a little slow in being shared as the holidays start and end... so we're looking for your help. If you see or hear of something interesting, please let us know so we can share with others.


Anonymous said…
My first project didn't even involve building a robot. I just ripped it open to add a jtag header and start porting Lejos.

Christmas present for myself....

I've got a kid (girl) doing FFL. So, I went and bought myself an NXT to see if I can assist. This is my first foray into robotics, I find it fascinating.

I built the simple tribot (first project in kit). I've be knocking myself out trying to figure out a "better" swivel wheel. Going to tr the JennToo wheel tonight.

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