Ideas for a grade school challenge event

A couple of the NXT Step Bloggers (Tony and Brian) had been sharing some of their ideas about planning quick challenge events so I decided to solicit some folks in my area to gauge their interest.

So far there have been some interesting ideas. Can anyone provide additional suggestions? The idea is to provide a challenge for kids that may have only had their kit for a few months.

I was thinking of having them improve on the line following routine that comes with the NXT Edu Robot Educator. I don't recall if it's available with the retail version but In any case I could always supply it as an example.
David Levy


Anonymous said…
Take a look at ROBOCUP Jr. This is a really cool opportunity for the kids to continue working and practicing during the off season. Here is the link. Look for regional competition info soon! The international competition will be in Atlanta this summer!

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