Next Year's FLL Theme Announced

Hint given during the award ceremony at the Virginia State FLL Championship.

"Without next year's theme, your iPod would be useless"

Anyone? Bueller?


I'm not sure how the hint fits in with it, but next year's FLL theme will be on Alternative Energy Sources...

Definitely something to do either with batteries or storage devices like hard drives, flash memory, etc...

David Levy said…
Perhaps there were a few more hints that I didn't hear given that it was very loud at the VA State Championship event.

I thought it was energy in general but I think that Jonathan may have more insight.

I've just be given word by the VA FLL director that more details will be announced PUBLICLY after ALL of the state championships are over.

Anonymous said…
Music (or sound). Without it, what is there to play?
I'm pretty sure it is Alternative Energy Sources, because maniac000 (a commentor on here) heard it at his state tournament (instead of giving a hint, they just said what it would be).


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