NXT and Linux

I received an email from Anibal P. from Portugal asking about using the NXT with Linux. I know that the software only runs on Windows or Mac, but does anyone have any suggestions for Anibal? Has there been an NXT compiler for Linux possibly created by a 3rd party?


Anonymous said…
NBC is available for Linux
Anonymous said…
This is some links to tools working with Linux and NXT :
- Perl NXT is a module to send direct command to NXT brick
- Python module for the same usage but in Python
- Some tips to use bluetooth under linux
Unknown said…
ICommand is said to run on Linux also.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the answers.
I have used Perl NXT, but what I want is software like NBC.
Exist more software like NBC ?
Anonymous said…
Just yesterday I was able to get the Mindstorms software running on a WinXP guest on a vmware server, which is free. So if you have a WinXP license already, that should work.

A few hints: the USB connection gave me trouble after disconnecting the cable, as vmware would not recognize it after reconnecting. The solution (which I can't explain) was to plug in a USB 1.1 hub at the same time, which somehow made vmware recognize it again. Also, you need to specify the USB connection in the vmx file with:

usb.autoConnect.device0 = "vid:0694 pid:0002"

which gives vmware more of a clue about the NXT brick. You can get the vid/pid by running lsusb from the command line.

That said, there is also linxt , another perl program that talks to the NXT.
Anonymous said…
I will use NBC to make the program and linxt to send it to NXT, for me is the best way.
Anonymous said…
This thread is a bit old, but a possible (and working) solution is to use VMWare Server to run the Windows environment (XP SP2) on a Linux host, and to use a USB Bluetooth dongle which is assigned to the virtual machine.
Making the initial pairing was a bit of a hassle, but I attribute this more to my inexperience than a real problem as it's the first NXT Bluetooth connection I made.
Anonymous said…
Feeding this old thread, I just whipped up a shell for managing files on the nxt in linux. You can find it here.
Anonymous said…
I am happy to report toying around my NXT brick fully OpenSource; tools of the trade for me are:
The above mentionned nbc compiler from J.Hansen and companion FileManager "NexTTool"; find them

I also use t2n to "simply" put snippets on the brick or get battery value and such; grab it

In my (not overly competent) case, these three softwares WORKED over USB, I am sorry to report that I don't have a working BT connection, or that most of the other tools mentioned around the Linux/Nxt sphere just simply did not work out of the box as did the binaries linked above. I am sorry to report Python to have been a complete failure, but, as with BT, I doubt my own abilities and dropped the ball anyway the moment I had a working connection & started hackng in NXC instead; That was the goal!

All this is currently occurring on several Fedora7 machines; Time is Summer08.

Cheers to all Electronic Bricks "Liberators" out there.

sumant said…
There is no "cool" development environment for Linux available.

Nxtlibc is very useful for communicationg with the NXT over bluetooth. It works very well and i will document the basic usage here next. I prefer C before Perl so I like nxtlibc more then LEGO::NXT but LEGO::NXT is working too.

Recently I just came across a good article on "Linux"
Here is its link.

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