NXT Crossbow

Here's a neat NXT-based crossbow.

If you were the creator, please let us know. Specifically, I'd love to know some details about it (e.g. how the bow is constructed, what each motor does and how much gearing was required, how far the ball flies, were there any injuries, etc.),



Anonymous said…
Nice! I'd love to get more info on how to build this one!
Anonymous said…
It was Jim German known as Jaguar on his site http://www.motocube.com !
Anonymous said…
Here is the site:http://www.motocube.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=67&Itemid=28
Anonymous said…
Yep, thats my crossbow, the ball flies about 30ft or so, there is no gearing required on the motors. However the string winds around the axle, which as it has a small diameter provides a significant mechanical advantage

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