NXT Power User Offer

Energizer is running a special that ends on Dec 31, 2006. If you buy a NXT Kit before the deadline, you can get a FREE Power Pack that comes with a light sensor, touch sensor and 8-pack of Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries (a $50 total value).

Click here to read more about the offer.


The fact that Energizer has 5000 of these kits available tells you they must be expecting some good sales of the NXT.

Anonymous said…
Any chance getting similar pack in Europe?
Anonymous said…
In Europe the NXT is sold on Shop@Home with a free set of 6 Duracell batteries; so I have some doubts as to whether Energizer will want to do something here.
But that'd be nice.
It is unfortunate that so many specials only run in the USA...

Anonymous said…
Well it's weird that Energizer comes with such a offer.. Because i know here in Europe Lego has contracts with Duracell..

Sometimes for events there are Sponsored Duracell batteries..

And indeed the NXT would be shipped with Duracell Batteries as sayed..
Anonymous said…
Wow, I wonder, does it come with wires for the extra sensors? Not that one would need them, but it would be nice if they included some short wires with the pack.

It seems like a good deal for everyone else, Energizer must be counting on some good marketing coming from this deal.
I think if wires were included, they'd specify that... so I'm guessing probably not. But a good question!

Anonymous said…
So this offer is not good if you buy at the Lego stores?
Anonymous said…
Got one from my girlfriend for Christmas, but unfortunately she got it in late November from Amazon... Gonna send it in anyway, but I'm not hopeful.

It's weird they'd do it for such a short period of time, and not include the day after Thanksgiving in the offer.

--crossed fingers--
Anonymous said…
Same with me, do gift receipts count???

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