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I've received 3 emails since Dec 25 from readers expressing concern about their NXT-G CDs. All 3 indicated that they received errors during the install. 2 of the errors that were described were identical and one was different. One thought is that the CDs are bad, but I'm putting this out here for our readers to provide some possible help...

Error #1: "The installation hangs on install, and if I install the components seperately, the software complains of "Unable to open resource files"

Error #2: "The CD autorun works fine and I select the directory, accept the licensing agreement, etc. etc. and all looks fine, but it stalls on the progress screen (it's the screen with two progress bars and the one on top says "Overall Progress"). It just stalls out. Nothing happens. I can click cancel and it will cancel the operation, so I know the software hasn't frozen on me. I tried restarting the computer, tried two different computers, tried copying the contents of the CD to my HDD and installing, but always the same thing happens. "


Anonymous said…
The second one just sounds like a bad CD, there would be a bigger mass of complaints if it were the software itself.
David Levy said…
The first one could be a permissions problem. For an XP user, have them try and save a file directly to "documents and settings \ -user- \ my docs \ lego creations \ mindstorms ...
I had similar problems installing on Win 2K (I don't think it's supported). But after a couple of tries - it installed and works fine now.
Anonymous said…
Not much help here but I have my Laptop. (Acer 5670)
And my Homemade sort of works computer.

The LEGO software installed OK on both. and worked! .. BLUETOOTH WAS A DIFFERENT MATTER!
Anonymous said…
I've had the same problem on two different computers. The first attempt to install hangs on the progress screen. After I cancel, and then stop the "msixxxx.tmp" process in Task Manager, I can reinstall again and it works the second time.
Anonymous said…
I should also add, after the NXT LabView software is installed, the Robo Center step-by-step instructions do not display properly. I can see the controls but not the actual diagrams of the construction steps. (They DO work if I open the HTML files directly in Firefox.)
Reader Scott posted the comment below message on an old June post and I doubt many will find it. I'm copying it, word-for-word, here.


OK, I hope this helps everyone with that nasty klicking and useless nxt block.

Santa brought ours on Christmas and everything was fine until good old Dad tried to update the firmware to v1.04. The block came with 1.01 installed and performed an update to v1.03 when we hooked it up to the computer.

We are an Apple family and have 3 computers all of the powerPC generation. Our son uses his to do his nxt programming. He has a 14" iBook G4. I have a first generation 12" Powerbook G4 (867 MHz). I'm telling you this because others on the blog have tried using other computers to solve their clicking dead nxt blocks.

Anyway, here is what I did to solve the problem. I did what everyone else on this blog reported worked and had no luck. What worked however is this—start with disconnecting your nxt block from all of the sensor wires and motor wires. Pull the battery out and count to 10 or more. Replace the battery. Do a hard reset—use a heavy wire paperclip to push the button inside the Technic hole in the upper left corner of the nxt block, it's just below the USB outlet. Remember hold the button down for at least 10 seconds. Your going to get the clicking sound again but that's OK. You want that. As others have reported, this means that the block is ready to be updated.

What I did from here is start from scratch. I turned off the BT connection on my computer. I reloded the Lego software to the computer. Then I went on line to the Lego Mindstorms update site http://mindstorms.lego.com/support/updates/ there I found an update: MINDSTORMS NXT Driver v1.02 "This software updates the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT driver and addresses an issue that prevents the firmware from being downloaded to the NXT on some occasions."

I followed these instructions provided by Lego: "When you have installed the new driver and want to download new firmware to the NXT, please initialize the NXT brick before you start downloading the firmware. If your NXT is clicking when you insert batteries, push the hardware reset button for five seconds before you insert the USB cable. This will ensure that the brick initializes correctly for the firmware download. The hardware reset button is located within the LEGO Technic hole below the USB connector on the NXT brick. If your NXT brick is not clicking when you insert batteries just go through the normal firmware download process as described within the manual when the new driver is installed."

I then launched the nxt software and performed the upgrade: go to Tools > Update NXT Firmware. Your User Guide explains all this on pages 74 and 75. I only upgraded to v1.03 which comes with the CD Install Disk. It worked fine when I we first installed so it should work fine now. And if you read the firmware upgrade for v1.04 it says:

Updating to LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Firmware V1.04 will improve the following:

- Multiple datafile control within user programs
- Communication with 3rd party external devices
- Bluetooth communication within user programs

NOTE: Only update your firmware if you have experienced issues related to the above

So unless you are experiencing these issues I'd leave well enough alone. "Son, do as I say not as I do."

There must be a USB driver issue and the driver is missing in v1.03. You have to download and load this driver update and the USB connection works.
Take your time and don't throw your nxt across the room and you'll be OK. (I didn't pitch it across the room only because my son was with me, keep your kid next to you at all times, they're presence will likely prevent you from making rash and destructive mistakes)

Good luck! Oh, I am still waiting to hear from Lego on this issue.
Anonymous said…
I have a problem that it says something about fatal error when it tries to load the installer! Any halp?
Anonymous said…
Have had similar issue - Install CD from the set does not execute at all in Windows XP SP2 (Autorun.exe or Setup.exe). Received differing error messages, but most of the time, the software simply hangs up and closes.
Anonymous said…
I had the 2nd problem (stalled after the progress bar appeared) and solved it by updating to the latest Windows XP Server Pack (SP2). It worked fine thereafter.
Anonymous said…
I emailed lego technical support about my query. They said there was a defect in my nxt set. They said I will have to pick a new one up from somewhere. I hope I get to keep the old nxt set!

Anonymous said…
hey, i've also had trouble viewing the building instructions in the Mindstorms NXT software. is there any fix for this?
Anonymous said…
For resolving the #1 problem, simply open the task manager and stops MSI929.TMP the instalation process will continue.
Daniel said…
Thanx for the posts. I have a slightly different problem. My brick hangs occationally both on firmware 1.03 and 1.05. NO CLICKING SOUND.
The only solution is to disconnect the power-source for at least an hour. Aleratively it works to disconnect the power source and short-circuit + and - to drain the device from any lingering change. Works every time.
Does anyone know what state the brick is in when it is completely dead and not clicking?
Unknown said…
can anyone say what resource files cannot be opened?
earlw said…
Exact same symptoms for me on one of three "new" (via Craigslist) team laptops, when installing on a freshly installed and updated Windows XP Service Pack 3. Same symptoms with a separate CD (installation froze at the same point), and also worked fine on the other two laptops, who knows why.

What solved the problem on the first laptop was to not try to install from the native Administrator account, but rather to create a new account with administrator privileges, log in to that, and then install. Again, it's Windows, who knows why.

Good luck!

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