Open Source Firmware Release Update

The word on high says the release date has been moved to tomorrow, December 7, 2006.


Anonymous said…
Any idea as to the license?
Brian Davis said…
No; I've not heard anything yet on that issue.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
I'm making progress on an OS firmware to get Lejos running. So far can read sensor ADCs from the AVR chip, battery etc. Can display text on the LCD. The biggest headache is the ARM-->AVR link because that is currently all hidden firmware and until that is understood we can't drive the motors.

The AVR link ios documented, but it would seem that the HDK is not correct in all its details.
Jose said…
Hey, Jim! Where are the sources??? :-)

I'm wondering the same thing... I didn't get a message telling me there was a delay and the last thing I was told was that it would be released on Wednesday. My apologies... I'll check into it.
Jose said…
"Open Sourcing of firmware postponed to 11th of December", fromm Matthias

Oh, my God, another two days without it!

No apologies, please!. Thanks for your blog, it's indispensable for a NXTaddict :-)

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