Open Sourcing of firmware postponed to 11th of December

From the LEGO guys, there has been the announcement that the Open Sourcing of the firmware has been postponed to next Monday - they do not want to release anything on Fridays.

At the same date, version 1.04 of the firmware is said to get uploaded.



Tony Buser said…
Stop teasing us. :)

If you think this is teasing, wait until LEGO gets ready to release its first expansion set...

Anonymous said…
I wish they'd release intel version of NXT-G for Mac... Well, the PowerPC version works, but still.

Speaking of Macs, I didn't notice the NXT file browser being mentionned here, or did I miss it?

Handy tool; but does anyone know if there is a way to have NXT-G compile a program offline? That is, with no NXT connected to download it to; but just produce the .rxe file? That with the filebrowser would alleviate the lack of bluetooth availability.
Tony Buser said…
Someone has created an add-on to NXT-G to allow you to save a compiled program to disk. I haven't tried it, but it should let you do what you want.

Brian Davis said…
There is, actually. Jason King has made a utility that plugs in to the NXT-G tools menu to "compile to file". Take a look here:

Yes, I've heard of the NXT file browser for the Mac, but hadn't gotten a blog entry up about it as yet.
Anonymous said…
Excellent, thanks a lot!

It makes it really easy to work with Bluetooth anyway on Intel Macs. Just compile to file, upload & run with the file browser. Just neat.

It's also nice to see that it's possible to create such extensions and tools for NXT-G, and also to have great people doing so.

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