The power of robots?

I just got this email...

>-----Original Message----->
From: Søren Lund>
Sent: 15. december 2006

Do you need a small break and a laugh?
Then check out the below link. You will see two funny movies recorded with a candid camera.
Please help spread the word - send the link to all your friends, your family, your colleagues etc.
Together we can make the world a little more fun - the viral way!

Best regards


Anonymous said…
Absolutely Hilarious.
Andy said…
I agree with you Matthew!
Absolutley hilarious!!

Anonymous said…
Genious. Pure genious.

How did they make the glass shatter anyway?

It's kinda like that show, Just For Laughs, where they do stuff like that.
Brian Davis said…
My guess is the "glass" is sugar-glass, usually used in movies. It can be made very weak, looks like glass, but completely (and safely) shatters upon impact. Still, a wonderful video!

Brian Davis

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