Update from RoboDNA and a query

Got en email from Lou at RoboDNA:

"I just posted the new roboDNA Dashboard Designer for the Lego NXT. It's
got all the features turned on to remotely operate the NXT from a PC, and you
can now create and edit dashboards and device types. It can be used to drive
any robot including the NXT. User can now build dashboards specific to their
robot design, and how the sensors are connected. We're currently
beta testing the new functionality, but users are welcome to download it and
try it out. "

You can get it here. Be sure to give Lou some feedback if you find this useful!

Thanks, Lou, for the update.

I also receive this bit of info from Lou - maybe a reader can help him out:

"I'm doing up a 'cockpit' dashboard for a Lego NXT replica of a bi-plane. I'm not building the plane, but it will be demo'd at the Aviation Museum here in Ottawa Canada. ( January ). The dashboard will be used to pilot the plane into position on the 'runway' and then initiate an autonomous behaviour for taxi/parking. One of the big advantages with the way I packaged the app is that users can share their dashboards by exchanging XML files. ( the dashboards and devices are all stored in 1 transportable XML file ) This allows me to create dashboards specific to a teacher's curriculum. For example I can do a dashboard which features infra red sensors, or PID motor control etc. Just a matter of distributing an XML file.It would be neat to find someone with a huge LegoNXT train set and have a dashboard for that:)"


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