Update on NXT Orange Book

I received an email from Yoshihito Isogawa-san regarding the NXT Orange book I wrote about early last week. He has translated the Table of Contents to English to give a better description of the chapter contents.

You can find the Table of Contents translation here.

Thank you, Yoshihito Isogawa-san.



Anonymous said…
I guess it would be much appreciated if someone could translate this book into English. I've spent almost 3 years in Japan but I didn't learn the language and now I feel I made big mistake ;).

I doubt a translated text will be done, but I will say that the majority of the book's designs are easy to follow and duplicate. Screenshots of the programs are easy to re-create, especially since the NXT blocks have small icons on the actual colored block icon (to indicate things like rotation versus degrees in a MOVE block, for example).


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