Another NXT Design from Yoshihito Isogawa

This is a gearless steering mechanism found in Yoshihito's book, "Lego Mindstorms NXT".

The steering mechanism has its limitations; for example, it can only steer in one direction. (The steering direction can be changed by moving the "swivel" pin to another point on the chassis). Despite its limitations, it's a good model for students and persons new to the NXT.

Click here to watch my video of how the mechanism works.


Anonymous said…
I've made something like this just now, however, you can steer in both directions. Basically, it's something like this, only I've got a motor on top that turns the front wheels. I've also used the leftover motor + touch sensor to build a little remote control to steer + move the robot. I'll post pics later.
Rick Rhodes said…

Thanks for letting us know about this. And let us know where you post your pictures!

Rick R.

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